EndNote X4 manual

Hallo allemaal,
Er is een nieuwe EndNote manual: http://library.wur.nl/desktop/services/manual/endnoteX4.pdf of http://library.wur.nl/desktop/services/manual/endnoteX4.

Toegevoegd is
– het importeren van PFDs in EndNote, waarbij automatisch een record aangemaakt wordt.
– Export vanuit Scopus
– Save/import vanuit CSA databases

Verwijderd is:
– Direct export vanuit Web of science via marked list (oefening hierover is ook verwijderd)
– Download+ import uit OvidSP

Echt anders is:
– Integratie met Word
– De-duplicatie

Groeten, Marianne


FAQ Item over Endnote filters

Ik was net met Marja Duizendstraal bezig direct export uit OvidSP Zoological Record naar EdnNote voor elkaar te krijgen. marco heeft hier al eerder over geblogd, we hebben nu een paar items voor de FAQ geschreven. Hieronder de tekst. Hopelijk helpt dit.

Where does EndNote look for Connection files, Filters, Styles?

– EndNote locates such files in the directory that you have indicated in your preferences as well as the directories where EndNote installs such files by default. For the installation on the WUR network we have made sure you can access the file directories; the preferred locations are M:\My Documents\Endnote\Connections, M:\My Documents\Endnote\Filters and M:\My Documents\Endnote\Styles. You can modify these locations ((Edit > Preferences > File locations) By default EndNote installs connection files, filters and styles in respectively C:\Program Files\EndNote ..\Connections ;C:\Program Files\EndNote ..\Filters ; C:\Program Files\EndNote ..\ Styles; (where .. should be replaced by the version) . EndNote locates these files in the directories of your current installation, but also in directories from previous versions.

The lists of files in Connection Manager, Filter Manager and Style Manager are very long. How to make them shorter.

– Copy all the files that you use to the preferred location and rename or delete the directories on the C: drive (see previous item in this FAQ) For example: rename C:\Program Files\EndNote X4\Filters to C:\Program Files\EndNote X4\Filters_old.

How does EndNote select filters for direct export?

– For Web of Science, Scopus and EBSCOhost EndNote automatically selects the RefMan RIS filter. For OvidSP EndNote selects the filter with the correct Vendor Identification and Database Identification. If more than one filter meets the criteria the result is unpredictable. Therefore it is essential that EndNote can only access one version of a filter (see previous item) Alternatively to get control which filter is used with OvidSP one can save the exported references to disk (choose Reprint / Medlars format upon export in OvidSP) and in EndNote use File > Import .