Nieuw JSTOR platform

Na WoK, OvidSP blijkt nu ook JSTOR te werken aan een nieuw platform. Wil je al een voorproefje kijk dan op de preview site. Volgens de JSTOR sandbox komen de volgende verbeteringen

This preview unveils:

  • A new look and feel
  • A single, improved format of PDF files, to simplify printing and expand accessibility
  • Personalized account functionality, called “MyJSTOR”
    • You can store your user information and your saved citations
    • You can select one-time acceptance of JSTOR’s Terms and Conditions for PDF access
  • More efficient navigation throughout the site
  • The ability to search within result sets
  • Thumbnail views of article pages: see full articles at a glance

Additional new features and information on training and support are highlighted in the attached flyer.

Hattip: Gary Price


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